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Starring has just what you need to make your next party a memorable experience and leave your guests with one-of-a-kind, interactive favors! Have a perfume station at your next party or event and give your guests the opportunity to mix their very own custom perfumes, which they can then take home as memorable party favors.

What is a Perfume Party? A perfume party is a way to give your party guests the fun experience of doing what we get to do every day! We provide all of the materials your guests will need to make a bottle of Starring Perfume – bottles, caps, custom labels, fragrance oils, organic perfume base, and instructions – so your guests can mix and match their own fragrances and take home a unique bottle of their own creation. A perfume party is not a tupperware-style party or multi-level marketing—all the perfumes are purchased in advance by you as favors for your party guests.

Can You Customize a Perfume Party for My Event? Of course! Our perfume parties are completely customizable to your needs. For example:

Perfume PartiesBottles & Labels: Choose between our roll-on perfume bottles or our larger spray perfume bottles, or a combination of the two. We provide professional pre-printed labels with your choice of text, such as “Ashley’s Birthday,” “Mary’s Bridal Shower 2013,” or “Viva Amour.”
Perfume PartiesFragrance Oils: We have over 500 different scented oils for you to select from. We can put together a sampler of our most popular scents (such as vanilla, orange blossom, or jasmine), or you can choose any specific scent you like. If your party has a theme, we can provide scents that match that theme. Having a Hawaiian luau party? We can provide exclusively tropical scents. A bachelorette party? Aphrodisiac scents. A children’s birthday party? Candy scents. The possibilities are endless!

Perfume PartiesOil Base: Choose from between our organic oil perfume base or our organic cane sugar alcohol perfume base, or a combination of the two.
Perfume PartiesMake it All Natural: We can make your perfume party 100% natural and organic with an array of certified natural fragrances, essential oils, and isolates! We have a fabulous variety of natural fragrances ranging from vanilla sugar to gardenia to amber.

Can Starring Help with My Event? If your event is located in the Los Angeles area, we are thrilled if you would like us to be a part of your event! We’ll send out a Starring hostess, who is a trained perfumist who will assist your guests in creating their own amazing fragrance blends, and can also speak about the science of perfume. We will also provide gift bags, a decorative display for the perfume station, ribbons, utensils, etc.

What if I am Located Outside the Los Angeles Area, or I Do Not Need a Hosted Party? In that case, we will send you a Perfume Party-in-a-Box ™ and provide you with all of the materials you will need to create your own perfume station at your event.

How Much Does a Perfume Party Cost? Perfume parties start at $200, and because each party is unique and totally customized to your specifications, the cost depends on a number of factors, including the number of guests, length of the party, size of the bottles, and the number of fragrance oils you select. Contact us for a personalized quote!

How Do I Book a Perfume Party? Contact us today by phone (310-906-0689) or email for pricing and information on planning your unique private perfume party event.

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