The Leading Ladies Collection
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The Leading Ladies Collection

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The collection that started it allĀ  . . . Our best selling blends inspired by the female archetpyes of stage and screen.

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The Femme Fatale - Back in stock! A best seller, This mysterious beauty leaves behind the irresistible scent of rich sultry vanilla and the most sensual swirl of golden amber. She oozes "scent" appeal!

America`s Sweetheart - Sugar, spice, and everything nice tops this all American apple pie scent! Heavy notes of brown sugar, pie crust, and fresh red apples, finished off with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream! No spice or cinnamon in this scent, think juicy apples smothered in brown sugar and pie crust

Arm Candy -No red carpet arrival is complete without some arm candy at your side! This is a standout gourmand scent of Egyptian musk, sweet milk, honey, creamy caramel, and a final touch of puffed marshmallow cream

The Beauty - This stunning scent blends a Victorian vanilla with marzipan roses and is finished with a touch of lavender, orange peel, and warm honey.

The Blonde Bombshell - Be the sex symbol of your generation with this sensual sweet blend of soft musk, black bourbon vanilla, tonka beans, and sweet toasted marshmallows.

The Bombshell - She is the berry bomb! A sultry blend of crushed Madagascan vanilla beans, hints of white orchids, honeyed woods, tossed with raspberries and blackberries.

Child Star - Sweet yellow cake, vanilla cookie crumbs, and golden graham crackers litter the floor of this young star’s dressing room! Best seller

The Darling - Daah-ling, you smell fabulous! A mixture of fresh lavender blended with a rich creamy creme brulee excites the senses with it's depth and seduction

Date - Grab your date's attention in this blend of rich pink cupcakes filled with the finest amaretto syrup topped with mounds of whipped cream and dusted with pink sugar!

The Diva - Appease her with dark chocolates, luscious raspberry truffles, fresh strawberries, and a hint of rosewater all piled atop a bed of light musk

The Fashionista - Set the hottest trends in creamy vanilla bean sweetness with a big swish of powdered sugar on top! You'll be the envy of fashionistas everywhere

The Film Star -Star in your own tropical production with a tonic of coconut milk, vanilla bean extract and a hint of coconut rum!

The Fresh Face -A fresh and captivating mix of pear, peach, strawberry, lemon, blended with the subtle scent of rose, lily of the valley, and cedarwood with a hint of spice and powdery vanilla as the base.

Ganster's Moll - A scent reminiscent of a dim, smoky night club during the roaring twenties. Sexy vanilla cologne, rich bourbon, a hint of sweet tobacco and a French vanilla finish

The Girl Next Door - With a plate of sweet pink iced golden sugar cookies, she is always there with a smile and a cup of sugar!

The Hollywood Royalty - She comes from a long line of Hollywood Royalty! The essence of sweet violet petals are touched with white sugar for an elegant confection fit for a queen

Ice Queen - She has an air of importance and integrity about her, yet she’ll soften as she catches the scent of the frosted pikake and tiare flowers that decorate her baked vanilla white cake!

The Nominee - She enjoys her dessert of raspberry coconut cake filled with rich vanilla cream & toasted coconut flakes while awaiting the envelope's results! My blend of five oils creates this perfect raspberry cakelette scent with a hint of coconut and oodles of cream filling!

The Pin Up - This fifties charmer is sweet as pink candy & sugar and as delicious as sweet yellow cake, vanilla cookie crumbs, and golden graham crackers!

The Porn Star - According to a published scientific research article, there are a few fragrances that are top rated to entice and excite the male's senses. This scents is a combination of those come hither fragrance notes that will make men go wild! So embrace your inner porn star and rock this aphrodisiac scent! Notes of pumpkin pie, lavender, baked doughnuts, and licorice. No extra charge for turning men's heads

The Princess - This princess wears a pretty pink "tiare"! The luscious scent of sweet Monoi Tiare Flowers blended with a girly pink sweetness fit for a princess! Fresh and sweet, this scent will make you smile!

The Romantic - Romance your lover with wisps of fluffy white marshmallows, sweet white cake, & a dash of warm gooey toasted marshmallows for a passion overload

The Scene Stealer - What can possibly steal the scene away from a perfect white cake and mountains of pink cotton candy flavored frosting? Why, a topping of super special watermelon candies!

The Scream Queen -Run for your life in this berry confection popping with sweet pink bubblegum and vanilla ice cream topped off with a mixed berry compote! This is truly special, a really sweet berry scent, not fake bubblegum at all

The Secret Agent - This top secret scent is rich with golden honey, subtle spice, explosive orange, and a fiery burst of Moroccan rain.

The Starlet - Fresh on the Hollywood scene she is as innocent as the perfect vanilla cake frosted with creamy white icing!

The Supermodel -Strut your stuff down the runway in this sensual blend of Egyptian musk sweetened with neroli and orange blossoms!

The Sweetheart - You’ll be extra sweet in this blend of delicious, ripe strawberries dipped in sweet pink whipped frosting with vanilla marshmallow kisses! The Temptress - Laced in sultry sandalwood, enticed with dark rich vanilla, kissed with warm sweet caramel, and caressed with pure coconut milk. Seduction never smelled so good!

The Triple Threat -She can sing, dance, and act her way into this smooth triple blend of rich milky chocolate, chunks of dark chocolate brownie, and a swirl of vanilla crème! A hint of starfruit and orange zest top this sweet delight!

The Villainess - She schemes and plots in her den of black vanilla beans, Tonka vanilla and whispered rumors of resinous sultry sugar!

The Vixen - She'll make you melt in deep dark cacao laced with honey and seduce you with the essence of smokey woods atop a bed of golden amber.

The Beach Babe: She spends her days out on the waves and her evenings hanging out with the hot surfer guys. She's a natural beauty; her fragrance is fresh and relaxed. Notes: lemongrass, lemon peel, coconut, tiny hint of bonfire. Inspired by Pepper

Bishoujo B*tch: A staple in Japanese anime, the bishoujo b*tch is beautiful, smart, and popular. She seems to be perfect...until you see her secret backstabbing dark side. *The perfect two-faced antihero scent: Innocent toasted marshmallow on the outside, wicked mint-marbled chocolate fudge on inside. Inspired by Teggy

Black Widow - The approach is syrupy sweet orange and soapy clean neroli. A mossy note speaks hauntingly of what is about to cocoa laced with cassis--sweet...warm...dark...intoxicates, while patchouli comes in for the kill! Inspired by Novelist

 Burlesque Dancer - Sweet vanilla deepened by musk, brandy, and tobacco. Hints of the oak stage, the carnation of her perfume, and anise for a mysterious aura. Created by "Sadtomato" CONTEST WINNING FRAGRANCE!

The Candy Store Girl: She's super cute and always in a good mood (possibly due to the ready supply of sugar!). Natural citruses mingle with artificial candy scents to create an irresistible mix! Notes: red liquorice, bergamont, sweet orange, a little caramel, a light touch of vanilla. Inspired by Pepper

The Crossover Act- This multitalented singer-actress lady is the best of both worlds: Vanilla cake in harmony with a velvety white chocolate frosting, tied together with toasted coconut and dark chocolate curls. Inspired byCruzy80

The Debutante: Also referred to as a Southern Belle in the south, this young woman is introduced to society at a fancy ball and comes from a rich and upper class background. She steals hearts and is the object of much jealousy from women everywhere! A rich, sweet blend of French vanilla, pralines, juicy Southern peaches and pears, marshmallow fluff all atop mounds of sweet yellow poundcake. Inspired by Tina

 Fetish Model - Sensual red musk mixes with smutty black leather. Red currant, dragon's blood, and cinnamon represent her hot-blooded nature, and heavy cream sweetens the deal. Inspired by Sadtomato

The Golden Gal - Even in her prime, she still can hold her own against the freshest faces in Hollywood. Vanilla sandalwood perfume, a hint of tobacco smoke from her cigarette, in between sips of her coconut rum. Inspired byCruzy80

The MILF - Nothing wrong with an older woman having a little fun with a much younger man, is there? This blend is a sweet and sultry mix to evoke the lure these "moms" have on so many young, curious teen boys on the brink of puberty. Young girls beware the cougar! Thick vanilla frosting, tonka beans, coconut cream, caramel cookies, hints of spicy Mexican cocoa, and a burst of luscious blood orange. Inspired by Tina

The Scarlet Lady: The redhead seductress. From Maureen O'Hara to Jessica Rabbit, no blonde bombshell can match her powerful sex appeal on the screen. *Cherry comstock and smoked vanilla spiked with a dash of baked cinnamon. Inspired byTeggy

The Screen Legend: A fragrance wafting from the days "old Hollywood" and dressing rooms full of flowers. Roses, jasmine and lilies in abundance, balanced by a citrus accord of bergamot and bitter orange. All are warmed by the base notes of sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla musk. The allure of orris butter ties it all together in a fragrance as long-lasting as the memory of Her. Inspired by Novelist

The Teen Queen: She's the perfect image of innocence onscreen, but after hours, look out! You better check that I.D. again, fellas! "Sticky sweet cotton candy, strawberry flavored lip gloss and a shot of Coconut Rum." Inspired by Bateman



Organic Cane Sugar Alcohol Ingredients: Certified Organic Cane Sugar Alcohol, May Contain Fragrance and/or Essential Oils.

Organic Oil Blend Ingredients: Caprylic/Capric (Coconut Oil) Triglyceride, Simmondsia chinensis (Certified Organic Jojoba) Seed Oil,  May Contain Fragrance and/or Essential Oils.

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